About plant

Joint Stock Company "Soda Crimea Plant" is an enterprise for the production of soda ash technical GOST 5100-85, food additives: sodium bicarbonate E500 (ii) (baking soda) GOST 32802-2014 and table salt GOST R 51574-2018.

          In addition to the main product - technical soda ash - Joint Stock Company Soda Crimea Plant produces food additive: sodium bicarbonate E500 (ii) (baking soda) GOST 32802-2014, (NaHCO3).

        The manufactured products are safe when used in accordance with their intended purpose, measures have been taken to ensure the compliance of products with the requirements: TR TC 021/2011 "On food safety", TR CU 022/2011 "Food products in terms of their labeling", TR CU 029/2012 "Safety requirements for food additives, flavorings and technological aids".

        Packed in polypropylene sewn bags with a polyethylene liner weighing 25 kg or 50 kg, specialized single-use containers such as MKR weighing no more than 1 ton and in cardboard packs weighing 0.5 kg, in shrink film, 30 packs (15 kg packaging). The products are stored in dry warehouses.

      Currently, these products produced by the Joint Stock Company " Soda Crimea Plant" are offered for implementation on the basis of delivery FCA st. Krasnoperekopsk Crimean railway (station code 869501) and FCA ex-works (motor transport) INCOTERMS - 2010. Also, our company has the opportunity to offer a service for the delivery of products to the destination. The cost of the service will be communicated to you upon providing the name of the destination.


The plant is located in the northern part of Crimean peninsular in the town of Krasnoperekopsk.


Indices Quantity Year
Soda ash production
515,49 KT 2021
Grade A specifically 370,79 KT 2021
Volume of sales 7894,1 mln. Rubles 2021
Average monthly earning of an employee 37482,3 Rubles 2021
Food grade (vacuum) sodium chloride production  21,32 KT 2021
Food grade sodium bicarbonate production   
27,385 KT 2021